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Duct Cleaning


Lange's Plumbing and Heating offers Air Duct Cleaning to it's customers for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is when you make the investment to put in a quality home heating system we want to make sure that it is protected from start to finish which means cleaning the air duct so all the dirt and dust in them doesn't get into your new furnace.

The second reason is Air Duct cleaning is becoming more and more popular with people starting to invest more time and money into having clean air in their home. Your duct work is like the veins in your body and the furnace is the heart, the duct work carries conditioned air to every part of your home, so it only makes sense having them cleaned will help to deliver clean fresh air to every room in your home. Plus it normally helps with allergies and reduces the amount of dust in your home.

The third reason that we offer this is a lot of people that clean duct work out there offer a $100.00 special and they will clean your carpet at the same time; many times these people don't have the HVAC background that is needed to do the job properly and at the same time protect your heating and cooling system from the dust and dirt that can cause major breakdowns and costly repairs.

Experience Matters and that's what you will get when you book your air duct cleaning.